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Each page in Beacon has a corresponding help page. Depending on what page you are on, clicking the (?) button at the upper right corner of the page will take you to the corresponding help page. A basic list of help issues follows. For more detailed help information view the Help Icon (?) on the appropriate Beacon Web page you are navigating.

The map page contains information about viewing the map module.
The map page allows you to view the application map.

The search help page contains information about searching for a feature.
The search page allows you to search for features (i.e. parcels) by typing in different qualified criteria. There are many different types of searches to perform.

The results help page contains information about the results of a search.
The results page returns a list of results from the criteria you entered on the search/comparables search page or a list of the results that were identified on the map page.

The report help page contains information about the report of a selected feature.
The report page displays the report of the feature selected from the results page.

The login help page contains information about how and/or why to login.
The login page allows you to log in using user account information obtained from the Add Account page to access certain layers and features that may not be available to the general public.

The feedback help page contains information about how to submit feedback.
The feedback module allows you to inform us of what you think of the GIS Website with four (4) types of feedback: Problem, Suggestion, Question and Praise.

The options help page contains information about how to change settings.
The options page allows you to set defaults for Map Size, Map Print Size and Color Scheme.

The print setup page allows you the ability to customize and format you print page by selecting or deselecting Header, Title Bar, Footer, Overview, Legend, Scale Bar, North Arrow and Details. You may also add Title, Subtitle and Author to your printed document.

The site is best displayed and operated at a minimum of 1024 x 768 resolution, with dsl or cable modem internet service.

In order to view the progress bar at the bottom of the application, you must maximize your window.

This application is operated with session variables. These session variables time out after 15 minutes. If you sit on a page for more than 15 minutes without any activity and then execute a page, the application will act as if you just entered the site.